Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

This is the Advanced Robot Intelligence System in the World

INILAH.COM, London - A flying robot, Aeryon Scout, has great potential to replace the CCTV camera. This robot can easily track criminals and security threats effectively.

Users simply designate a place on Google Maps on the touch screen controller and the robot will fly to point it at a speed of 48 km / hr. This robot is also capable of recording high quality video that can be broadcast directly to your iPhone directly.

This robot is made Aeryon Labs Inc based in Canada. This robot is touted as the world's most advanced intelligence systems. This robot is capable of flying as high as 152 meters and capable of zooming from a distance of 300 meters.

The ability that makes this robot will not be visible when carrying out its mission. The four propellers are sure this robot robot voice when not fly. This robot is broadcast images on any electronic device, including iPhone.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, one of the advanced features of this robot is, camera equipment. So, when the robot is flying at any speed, the camera remains locked at one target and faces can be seen clearly.

The robot is priced U.S. $ 50 thousand (USD 42.6 million) this could really help the police


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