Rabu, 08 Juni 2011

Cross CB 96T, Mobile Gaming is Equipped Gamepad

Jakarta - So crowded Indonesian mobile market competition makes the vendors to be smart strategy in a compelling mix of users. Cross Mobile for example, the status of European-standard phones that have become their mainstay.

"Attendance has been nearly four years in Indonesia, already certified Mobile phones Cross CE (Conformite Europeenne)," said Hery Pradityo, Marketing Manager for Cross Mobile Phone Indonesia, when found detikINET, on the sidelines of the International Communication Expo & Conference 2011.

With such status, Cross is expected to become a mobile phone brands are not just relying on the features and design, but also technology that has been recognized in Europe.

Now, entering the middle of this year, Cross presents their newest gaming phone named CB 96T. The unique of this phone is to have its own gamepad for users comfortable when playing games, of course, with standardization of products from CE.

The phone is also staying digadang can accommodate up to two thousand games and is sold at USD 499 thousand, is included gamepad.

Another feature is owned by CB 96T Analog TV, radio, MP3, 1.3 megapixel camera, MP4, webcam, Bluetooth, and other standard features.


seleb-online mengatakan...

keren juga tuh hape cenong

Fadly D'Viruz mengatakan...

hahaha,, siip gan,, kalo ad duit lebih boleh la ambil 1gan

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